Maiden Tower


Maiden Tower is undoubtedly one of the essential views of the Bosphorus. You can easily check its position on istanbul metro map. Its built on a tiny island off Salacak, this tower hosts many legends. One of these is the Leandros legend that gave the tower its name (Leander’s Tower). The story of two lovers, Leandros and Hero, who challenge the sea separating them, will end in tragedy. In a stormy night, when Leondros sees the light on the tower, thinks that his lover Hero is calling him, and jumps into the sea.

However, the one who turns on the light is not Hero this time, but someone else who realizes that the lovers are secretly seeing each other every night, and he turns the light off. Lendros parishes in the waves of the Bosphorus; and unable to bear the loss of her lover, Hero ends her life by jumping off the tower. In the end of the legend, a lighthouse is built on the tower in the name of the lovers. Going all the way back to 24 B.C., Maiden Tower was used as a defense castle, exile stations, prison, quarantine room, radio station, port for taxes and lighthouse. Symbol of Üsküdar, the tower was renovated by a private company in 2000, and opened as a cafe and restaurant.